Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation and Related Diseases



The Bioactive Lipids 2022 Scientific Program Committee invites the submission of abstracts on original work for consideration for an oral or poster presentation.

The Scientific Program includes Invited Speakers solicited by the Executive and Organizing Committee and oral presenters selected by abstracts.
To ensure that the Bioactive Lipids conference covers topics that are timely and of interest, themes of the scientific sessions are determined by submitted abstracts.
Abstracts must be submitted online by Sept. 4, 2022. You must be registered for the conference in order to submit an abstract.
  • The abstract submitting Registrant is the presumed presenter of the work at the conference. The abstract submission system will not allow you to select otherwise.
  • A maximum of four (4) abstracts (up to four posters but only one oral) can be submitted by each Registrant.
  • Registrants may request an oral presentation for only one abstract.
  • Registrants have access to their submitted abstracts for corrections until Sept. 4, 2022.
  • Abstracts are directly entered using the link provided below. Abstracts cannot be emailed or files attached for the purpose.
  • Body of the abstract may not exceed 3,000 characters (including spaces). This includes any references cited in the text. References may not be listed separately.
  • Only alphanumeric text is allowed in the abstract. No figures or tables are allowed.
  • Keynote Address, Lifetime Achievement Award  and Translational Award lectures are 40 min with no discussion time
  • Plenary lectures are for 25 min plus 5 min for discussion
  • The first two talks in each Session (with the exception of the session for the ERF Young Investigator Award competition) are25 min plus 5 min discussion time. The remaining three talks in each session and all ERF Young Investigator talks are 20 minutes, including discussion
  • Multi-media presentations using Microsoft Power Point or similar software are recommended. No slide or overhead projectors are provided. Please bring a transportable media, connectable to USB ports, containing the presentation. All presentations must be handed in at the registration desk, preferably at the time of registration or at least four hours prior to the start of the Session. Alternatively, you can use your own portable computer to connect to the multimedia projector for presentation. You must bring proper connectors to connect to the multimedia projector. Speakers using their own computers must connect and test in the assigned room at least 15 min before the start of the session. All presentations that use the lecture room computers must be compatible with Windows 7 or higher operating system
  • The poster boards can accommodate 4ft (H) x 6ft (W) or 121 cm (tall) x 180 cm (wide) or 48 in (wide) x 72 in (wide) landscape format. Adhesive tape or push pins will be provided to secure the posters to the boards.
  • Posters must be placed on the assigned board by 9 AM and should be removed by 6:05 PM on the day of assigned presentation. In addition, presenter(s) must be available at the poster for 60 min during designated discussion time on the day of presentation. Handouts and other materials may be distributed during the discussion period. Any posters and handouts not removed by conclusion of the poster session will be taken down and stacked in a corner and disposed of after 6:30 PM the same day. No guarantees can be made about the condition of leftover posters or handouts.
Please note: you must have a registration ID to access the system. Registration ID’s are provided in the confirmation email which is sent upon registration. If you have lost or did not receive your confirmation email please contact us.