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New Orleans cuisine is built on a tradition that stretches from Paris to Port au Prince and from Cadiz to the Congo. Learn the difference between Cajun and Creole.


The Crescent City is known for its impressive cuisine. Top chefs will spoon the gumbo, blacken the redfish, smoke the pork and plate the dishes with a respect for the old flavors and a warm welcome to new trends. With over 1,400 restaurants in New Orleans, there’s something for everyone.

For a restaurant that has endured the Civil War, two World Wars, the Great Depression and Prohibition, Antoine’s has a few stories to tell. The nation’s oldest family-run restaurant is one of the best examples of Creole fine dining in New Orleans, if not the world.

Commander's Palace, nestled in the middle of the tree-lined Garden District, has been a New Orleans landmark since 1893. Known for the award-winning quality of its food and its convivial atmosphere, the history of this famous restaurant offers a glimpse into New Orleans' storied past and has been the go-to destination for Haute Creole cuisine and whimsical Louisiana charm.

Brennan's is a New Orleans restaurant tradition since 1946. Their innovative Creole menu borrows influences from French and Spanish ancestry with modern updates and distinct seasonal offerings. Old-world elegance inspired dining rooms create a unique and sophisticated experience.

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